Sharing my weird ideas with anybody who will listen

Alex Nakagawa

Mar 29, 2020



This is day 3 of 14 of the blogging challenge! This is a really fun challenge that my friends came up with, and I also figured that my time could be well-spent putting some of my daydreaming into words as I coop up at home amidst the craziness.
• • •
Consolidating this list was way way harder than I thought it would be. Although I have most of my ideas tucked away within my GoodNotes on my iPad, I realized that I had also documented some crazy ideas (both potentially profitable and the total opposite) when I used to use...Evernote... *shudders*. But anyways, I'll highlight a few here:

A journalistic publication for discourse on the Asian-American diaspora

This is seriously the idea that would make me drop school and go into full time. I guess I've kind of laid out my intentions in a previous blog post I wrote, but I can give a little context.
I love sports, and it's been a big part of my identity as a Japanese-American who grew up in Los Angeles. I think there are stories to be told demographically of a widely misunderstood group of families to a large section of America. Many years ago, the Olympics event itself was founded with the intention of promoting world peace, and I think it has certainly given many people the chance to see the cultures of other countries. There's many missed opportunities to highlight stories that happen locally within communities. Just as an example, Wataru Misaka was the first player of Asian descent in the NBA, and this was back in 1947. He also led the University of Utah to an NCAA Championship. So why is there some kind of unspoken easiness regarding Asian athleticism within basketball? Normalizing this kind of language is an undertaking that I would seriously consider devoting my life towards.
The Undefeated is an incredible publication that has championed this idea from the get-go. Cary Chow is an incredible journalist and I look up to him tremendously. I'm hoping that I can somehow follow the path he's laid out.

Rethinking a new Goodreads alternative

Oh boy, y'all. Goodreads needs a real good revamping. Although it is quite an extensive database and has become a great way for some unknown authors to reach high levels of notoriety, I think it could do with a good revamping.
  1. It's recommendation engine is rudimentary, it feels like only the authors willing to dish thousands of dollars in advertising ever get their books reviewed.
  2. I'm personally not a designer critic, but I can guarantee that it breaks a TON of rules regarding imposing bias in design.
  3. I think the social aspect could be rethought: I know people are there to review the books, and that's one of the biggest use-cases, but I think it doesn't offer a chance for people to have civil discourse if they ever disagree with each other.

Other crazy ideas

  1. Keeping track of new words you learn while reading easier and more fun
  2. Graphically showing a rocket being "built" as your collaborative team "ships" new features towards "product launch" idk this one is weird
  3. Photo-voltaic roads on California freeways (the 5):