Student Developer Fellow

When: Jan 2019 - Apr 2019
Where: Mountain View, CA

As a part of the Google Student Developer Fellows program in partnership with Google Cloud, I, along with ~30 other university students, are utilizing the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to derive insight from over 30+ years of NCAA Mens'/Womens' Basketball data.

General workflows involved creating complex queries into big data using 100+ lines of SQL within BigQuery, which can then be loaded into Google Colab (Jupyter Kernels) for further statistical analysis. I was in charge of initial extraction and transformation of the data using SQL to be visualized by others on the team within Google Data Studio. More in-depth analysis can be found linked in the Medium article below.

In addition, several commercials aired during the Final Four and Championship games which I had the privilege in being a part of. Take a look down below.

Some highlights:
  • My first time ever being aired in a commercial
  • Made some lifelong friends across the country
  • Our analysis made it onto the blogs of Google Cloud!
  • A special shout-out from CEO Sundar Pichai at the Google NEXT Conference
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