R package for converting between basic metric units and imperial units

Role: Developer


This is an R package to convert between volume, mass, temperature, and distance units. The package covers converting between basic units of the forementioned categories, and also covers conversions between metric units.


Currently, the package is only available from this GitHub repo, and is not in the CRAN database yet. To install this package and its contents, open up an R console and run this line:

Usage of Conversionr functions

It's very simple to convert units using the `conversionr` package. You can easily convert units like temperature, volume, mass, and distance using the functions `conv_temp`, `conv_volume`, `conv_mass`, and `conv_dist` for the most common units. You can also convert in between milli, centi, base, and kilo for the metric system using `conv_metric`. Check the examples below:
If you want to convert 100 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius run the function this way:
`conv_temp(100, "f", "celsius")`
For volume conversions, the logic is pretty much the same:
`conv_vol(25, "pint", "qt")`
The same format follows for mass, and distance:
To convert in between values of the metric system you can do it like so:


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